Sketch of Mute


Ultrix (Zorlan)




Frenzy Fighter


Constantly traveling.


Lawful Evil




Break the law.


Rivalry (Chaotic/Warrior)


Crystal Claws (Crystal-like claws actually grow from her hands)



— Mute


As a descendant of Zorlan, she is Lawful Evil. Never speaks, so noone knows her name. People just call her Mute. Very dutiful, but has no concern for others. In battle, she suddenly becomes incredibly viscous and animalistic.

Use In BattleEdit

Will listen to most commands from others. When her health goes below 1/4 of her full health, Mute will go berserk on whatever caused the damage, ignoring all commands. It's best to just let her calm down...

The Story of Amanda SehrevasEdit

In the poverty-ridden village of Enderland, a little 5 year-old girl peeked out from behind her parents, who were speaking with a rather scary-looking man in the doorway. She couldn’t tell what they were talking about, but she knew she didn’t like the strange man. The girl’s name was Amanda Sehrevas, and she had never spoken in her life. Whether by choice, or she is physically unable to, no one knows. Her short horns barely peeked out of her short black hair. Eventually, the adults stopped speaking, and the man gave her father a bag of money. Amanda’s heart skipped a beat-money! She was filled with happiness and excitement, because money was always a blessing. However, when her father turned around, his face was not filled with happiness, but sorrow. He didn’t even look at Amanda as he walked by her silently. This made her feel strange, almost scared. When her mother approached her in tears and said, “This man is going to take care of you for a while, he’s going to take you with you.” Confused, Amanda stood there, trying to process what her mother had said. When she looked back up, her mother was gone and the man was standing before her. He grinned and said, “Come with me, little girl.” From behind her, Amanda heard “Go on, sweety, go with him.” All Amanda could do was stand there, confused and scared. While in this daze, the man had grabbed her arm and was guiding her away by the wrist. She could hear faint crying coming from her home as she left.

When she became aware of her surroundings again, she was in a dark box, and she felt she was moving. Scared, confused and alone, she waited for what felt like days, but was more like hours. When the box opened, the same man from before was there to greet her. While clambering out of the box, Amanda got a view of her surroundings: A large building all on its own in the middle of nowhere. There were two guards at the door, armed with rifles. As she was moved into the building, she saw people-hundreds of people-behind makeshift jail cells. What she saw behind those doors varied-from guards beating prisoners, fights between prisoners, and things far worse. After about five minutes of being guided through the halls, she noticed an empty cell with its door open. The man guiding her motioned for her to enter. She looked up, her green eyes full of fear. The man, seeming unshaken, pushed the girl into the cell and slammed it shut. “I’m sure that you’ll be a BIG earner for us with those pretty eyes of yours.” The man said, and walked away. The next five years of her life would be filled with pain and misery.

One night, Amanda, now ten years old, sat in the corner of her “Home”, tears running down her face. As she sat there, thinking the same thing she always thought at night since she’s been in this place, she heard a voice. “It’s time, my child…”the voice echoed. Amanda perked up, looking out her door into the hallway to see the source of the voice, but then realizing the voice was in her head. “Your family has betrayed you. These animals have mistreated you more than imaginable. It’s time for your freedom. Do you accept?” She thought for a moment, then nodded, still confused. “Excellent.” The voice echoed. At that moment, Amanda began to scream in agony, her hands now burning in pain. As she rolled and screamed on the floor, her hands began to change. As this was happening, the voice echoed “You will be my hands on this world, and do what I command.” As soon as the pain was there, it vanished. Trembling, Amanda stood up, observing her hands. In place of her fingertips, there were now sharpened crystals, black at the base and green at the tips. In wonder and horror of her new hands, she stood there, looking at them faintly glow in the candlelight. Her trance was broken by a man nearing her cell. “The hell is goin’ on in there!?” she could here a voice shout. “Now, go get your freedom.” The voice echoed. Mute’s fear instantly disappeared, and she took her place of attack.

The Shirespawn guard opened the cell, his green glow illuminating the room. The girl, however, was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until the man looked up, seeing Amanda’s face illuminated by his green glow, that she attacked. Her memory on what came next was fuzzy, but one word can describe it-red. As she ran through the halls, she could hear the pleas of the other prisoners, begging her to free them. “They are not worth your time. Leave them.” The voice told her. Not even thinking, she obeyed the voice, and eventually made her bloody, ruthless escape from the building. As she left the building behind her, the voice echoed, “Well done, my suspicions were correct. You will do quite nicely. And by the way… I am Zorlan, your master.” She nodded in agreement, and headed in the direction her instincts told her to. “Come,” Zorlan commanded, “You have unfinished business to take care of…”

As she neared her old home the next night, Amanda felt uneasy. “Do not hesitate,” Zorlan told her, “It’s time you got closure.” By now, her memories turned into instincts, and she walked towards her old house as if she had left just yesterday. She stopped at the door. “Go on…” Zorlan whispered. Swallowing her fear, she opened the door slowly. As she entered the house she realized something-everything was a little nicer, a little more expensive. Her parents’ lifestyle had improved. Her fists clenched-after HER sacrifice-HER pain, their way of life improved while she was wasting away in a cell!? They never tried to help her!? She felt something fester deep inside her as she continued on. Her room was the closest door.

As she opened the door to her old room, the feeling of sadness that fell on her was terrible. All of her possessions-all her belongings were gone-and a young man was sleeping in her bed. After she left, they began renting her room out-as if she was already dead. “You’ve been forgotten…” Zorlan whispered. Without hesitation, Amanda quietly approached the sleeping man, and with a flick of her finger, slit his neck. This made her feel no better. She left the room, her heart now beating loud enough that she could hear it. In front of her was her parents’ room.

As her hand neared the door handle, her heart began to beat a little faster. As she opened the door, she saw her parents, looking slightly older, fast asleep. She stood at the foot of their bed-which was not there when she left-completely silent, clenching her fists. “Do it…” Zorlan whispered. She approached her father’s side of the bed, when his eyes opened. He jumped up in fear, screaming, but stopped after seeing her face. “Oh my god… Amanda?” the man said. The women, who had been awoken by his screams, looked at Amanda in horror and happiness. Amanda could hear her heart beating faster now, as she stood there with conflicting emotions. “Do it.” Zorlan echoed, “They sacrificed you for their own benefit.” The man stood up, arms outstretched and crying. “I can’t believe it…” he sobbed. Amanda’s heart beated faster. “DO IT.” Zorlan commanded. As her mother sat up, she noticed a small golden necklace on her neck. All these nicer things they had bought for herself, and not once had they thought of her. Amanda’s heart suddenly felt like it was going to explode, with it beating so loud. “DO IT!” Zorlan shouted in her head. Heartbroken, betrayed and angry, Amanda was seeing red. She stood there for a moment, staring into space, wide-eyed. Her father’s hand was slowly approaching her emotionless, lost face. Then… just as his hand was about to touch her cheek, her eyes looked back up, and she moved. She went into a trance, moving, slashing, screaming, roaring, and red. She didn’t break the trance for another hour, when she realized she was in a forest. Confused, she looked down at her claws, which were bathed in blood, just like her clothes. “You are my hands, my dear. You do what I command.” She figured she would feel sad, guilty, but she felt nothing. With this, she walked off, following her “instincts”.

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