The Coul System is the capital solar system of the Aerion dimension, located in the Neoterra galaxy. It houses only four planets but it is known very well as a stable and safe solar system.


The sun of the Coul System. It was named after the late Project. It glows a brilliant blue, although it appears a light yellow when on a planet's surface. This is due to magic and nothing else.


The closest planet to the sun. There are a few colonies on Emonos, as well as an illegal fighting arena.


The main planet which houses the most life. See Aeri


A gas giant the king created when he realized that meteorites are a bad thing. It is a large amethyst colour. A few of its moons are tourist attractions. One of its moons, Necros, houses the "Cemetery of the Stars", where certain individuals are laid to rest, specifically Doom and Project, as well as others.


A small planet which is forbidden to be accessed by any individual. Only Gigarez and Prince Shadias know what is on this planet. It is rumoured to house very dangerous Spawn.

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