Sketch of DROX


6 Feet Standard Unit


Potentially Eternal

Notable Members

DROX Overlord

Unique Attributes

Made out of metal

Available Formes

Ascension, Powered Up

The DROX of Aerion are a sentient robot race.They are known for their highly advanced weaponry and technological prowess. Their bodies are composed entirely of metal and circuitry as any robot would be, but what constitutes their minds is unknown. DROX live in small factions, camps, and other such areas, and can be found anywhere.Their government is now broken since Charge left, but they are of course still bound to the monarchy. In government affairs they are treated as humans. Other races treat them as they would their own, and they are well respected in every aspect. Whether this respect is due to their wisdom or due to the fact they are very dangerous when angered is unknown. 

Base StatsEdit

WISDOM: 12   


Once led by the DROX Overlord, who used them as weapons of mass destruction and an army capable of seizing entire galaxies at a time. Eventually managed to take over an entire dimension, until two of the heroes of legend formed a resistance and took down the overlord, who was later revealed to actually be Darkadian Shiress, better known as the shapeshifter DarkShire. After being freed, they were led by a new, more kind overlord known as Charge. Charge eventually grew tired of ruling over them and decided to leave to the dimension of Aerion. Some of the DROX, in their new fully sentient and self-aware mindset, followed him and began to establish camps in Aerion. They are now a well respected race like the humans and live among them in peace. However, not all DROX are nice.


DROX, as robotic organisms, reproduce by physically building more DROX. Their bodies are incredibly durable and run off of water and mana particles in the air, which they convert to electricity subconsciously. Because of this, they cannot use magic abilities other than MegaShift. They usually die by deciding they've lived a long life by suicide (which is legal if the DROX individual is 200 years or older). Their suicide program will NOT run unless the DROX TRULY believes it is time for it to pass on. They are the only sentient species to not have a soul as their Life Essence. Instead, they have an operating system unique to each DROX which works the same way as a soul and mind would.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Metal Smash- Passive. unarmed attacks do +2 damage
  • Power Down- turns off body, unable to do anything, but restores 20HP each turn
  • Knows English and Binary


  • +2 Use Technology, Knowledge-Tech, Decipher Script
  • +1 Gather Information, Listen, Open Lock

DROX VariationsEdit


DROX Hunter

The Exiled

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