The DROXOR are the shock troopers of the DROX army. Standing 10 feet tall, DROXOR are heavily clad in armor from head to toe(erm.. or foot). Having their weapons permanently attached to their arms, DROXOR were built specifically for war. DROXOR are commonly armed with heavy weapons such as gatling guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and occasionaly the rare taserblade.


Built during the Overlord-better known as Darkshire's reign, the DROXOR were built specifically for mass conquest. Built to punch through any defense and defend from any attack, the DROXOR are believed to be the main reason the DROX empire was able to gain control over an entire dimension during the Overlord's reign. When the Overlord's reign ended and the DROX disbanded, many DROXOR seemingly disappeared. The DROX have never revealed why this happened, though many believe the DROXOR's designs had a fatal flaw, which wasn't noticable when they were first manufactured. This flaw appeared after the DROXOR had been "alive" after several years. This isn't for certain, since DROX are so secretive, but it's believed this flaw killed many DROXOR before the DROX could find a solution to the problem. Presently, it is not uncommon to find one or two DROXOR in each DROX base. Being built specifically for war, DROXOR often have the duty of defending important structures in the DROX bases such as the power core or network centre. They get this duty simply because no other type of DROX could defend it as well as a DROXOR.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Self-repair- Roll d6, multiply result by 5, DROXOR gains resulted roll in HP
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