After the DROX Crisis and Charge's disappearance, the DROX began to form their own factions. To show their faction, members wear coloured stripes of their faction.

The DROX EmpireEdit

The original orange stripes of the DROX. Although the Overlord was revealed to be a lie, some have stayed loyal to him and still wear their stripes. The orange stripe is hated and feared everywhere, and those that wear them are usually greeted with hostility.


While many DROX joined factions, some just wanted to be a regular civilian, and not a member of a faction. These DROX are known to wear white stripes.


Bearing brown stripes, these DROX spend their time exploring Aerion and uncovering its secrets. As of late, rumors have spread of an Exiled Village somewhere in the deserts of Aerion. This is where Discovery is focused right now. Although well armed, Discovery is relatively neutral, but will not hesitate to defend themselves if threatened. Discovery is led by General Invenius.


Known as the most aggressive of the factions, the members of Deterrence wear red stripes. The faction has sworn to the protection of Aerion, and are known to jump on even a rumour of something threatening Aerion. Although their ideals are noble, some people see it more as vigilantism than protection. Deterrence is heavily armed and dangerous. They also have the largest amount of DROXOR of any faction. Deterrence is led by General Festun. The Deterrence main base is located on the northern tip of Aerilia.


One of the smaller factions, the members of Dynasty wear purple stripes. These DROX, unlike Deterrence DROX, are sworn to the protection of Aerion and are also working for the Aerion Military. Strangely enough, they are the only faction known so far to have a non-DROX leader, being the Knights of Aerion. They are not very widely considered an official faction, as they are simply DROX from other factions who wished to join the ranks of the Aerion Military.


Bearing blue stripes, Peace is exactly what the name implies. They often act as mediators in conflict. Peace lacks the large amount of weapons that Deterrence has, but the few they do have are incredibly powerful. However, they are only for self-defence. Peace is led by Ambassador Otium.


Bearing yellow stripes, Advancement is a faction devoted to science and research. This faction was the one that found the cure to the DROXOR's fatal design error, and are respected by every faction. Advancement is neutral, and its military force is rather small. The soldiers, however, are armed with weapons unique to Advancement, and are very deadly. Advancement is led by General Edrus.


A faction bearing green stripes that was created by Charge while in hiding. Evoltution was Charge's second attempt at influencing the DROX, after realizing his first attempt wasn't a complete success. He taught these DROX the errors of his ways, and told them that he was not their leader. He told them that they should decide their life for themselves, and not rely on an Overlord. Although the DROX have already made progress in these areas, if Charge were to be put back in power, all progress the DROX have made would be lost. Charge's vision for Evolution is to teach these ideals to the other factions, and to complete the DROX's evolution. Along with regular DROX, Evolution is the only faction to include Exiled DROX. The regular DROX are led by Selus, while the Exiled are led (unoffically) by Charge.

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