Darkadian Shiress


Several Septillion Years Old (deceased)

Hair colour

Black with orange horns

Eye colour













Apparently created a very long time ago, it was slowly gaining energy until it could form itself as its own being. He is the immediate cause of every Crisis Event, and as such is known as the largest threat to all life. Luckily, he was finally defeated by the Heroes of Legend after a long drawn out war.

Stages of LifeEdit

Dark MatterEdit

DarkShire`s original embodiment. A simple mass of dark matter and energy, unknown by all, slowly gaining power as it ages.

Weak DarkShireEdit

DarkShire`s first basic body. Young yet powerful, the Weak DarkShire could not carry out his goals alone and so instead he fought to summon forth the mighty GygazZemnas, a Perfect of old. It treated GygazZemnas with the utmost respect and care, although if given the chance, it would destroy it with pleasure.

Complete DarkShireEdit

DarkShire's basic body after absorbing a significant amount of energy. At this point, it had enough power to be a serious threat all on it's own. It still decided to use GygazZemnas and as such helped it to regain its previous strength. After GygazZemnas' final forme was defeated by the Heroes of Legend, DarkShire made off with the remaining energy, allowing its ability to increase in power with age to speed up significantly.

DROX OverlordEdit

An even more powerful version of Complete DarkShire, with immense capabilities and a massive threat to even a large army. DarkShire primarily stayed in a shapeshifted state which appeared similar to a DROX. This was to mask his identity.


DarkShire with enough energy to reach omnipotence and omniscience. This forme was used to host The X Game, and Dimenton grew in power the more negative and dark the fighters got.

True DarkShireEdit

After Dimenton was defeated, the resulting energy of all the deaths in The X Game resurrected DarkShire with enhanced abilities. This is its most powerful state, and the one which led the opposing forces of evil in the final war during the AfterLife Event.

Fetal DarkShireEdit

DarkShire reduced to an insignificant miniscule creature. It was quickly destroyed by the populace of Aerion before it could quickly return to a powerful state, as at this point it was realized that the more times DarkShire absorbs energy (even after a loss), the quicker it evolves and increases in strength.


Darkadian Shiress was finally completely destroyed after Shadias reset the timestream during the final battle of the Afterlife Event. When time skipped past to what it believed to be the present (around 10 years after the fight on Earth), the entirety of the Aerion Dimension focussed energy into the incredibly weakened DarkShire, ending it for good.

Possible RebirthEdit

Rumours have been going around that he has been reborn, and the recent appearance of InnoShire does not help.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Manipulation
  • Time Travel
  • Complete control over darkness
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