Entroff is a bustling port city known for its imports and exports. It has its own (albeit MUCH smaller) portal hub, which is used for trade between other galaxies and star clusters within Aerion. It also has good trade relations with much of Aeri and its surrounding planets in the Coul System. In addition to that, it is where the Internet was successfully recreated. As such, it is known throughout the universe as the only place to have created an artificially occurring universe. Because of its creation here, the universe's largest internet server is located in underground Entroff, with the main broadcaster stretching out as the second tallest man-made structure on Aeri. The city is mostly populated by DROX and Humans, although Ultrix are not as rare a sight as they usually are here. Most scientists who worked in the Old Labs before its settling as a city moved to Entroff to help aide in the many projects going on here. As such, Entroff is the second most economically sufficient area on Aeri, second only to Wintershine, of course.

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