Fighters are a melee-based class with almost no ranged attacks. They have trained their bodies so well that they cannot use traditional weapons, so they use their bodies only for fighting. As with all master classes, it has 3 subclasses to choose from.

Acrobatic FighterEdit

Using their grace and highly-trained bodies, this class prefers to use elaborate techniques to gracefully snap their opponents necks with their ankles and other such fun. This class is for those who want to use gymnastics to slaughter hundreds.

Brute FighterEdit

Ignoring all pain, this class toughens their body up to fantastic resistances, smashing and crushing all their enemies without thinking a thing. This class is for those who wish to become a massive hulking beast, crunching the world around them with their immense bodily power.

Frenzy FighterEdit

A rather psychotic fighting style, this class earns its name from landing dozens of punches in the same area using their lightning-quick speed to gradually cause immense pain. Meant for those who watch a little too much Dragon Ball Z.

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