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Red with yellow streaks

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Power Mage








Born on the Earth of Dimension 6, he was a professional racer on both foot and board. An accident occurred during one of his races, in which he collided with an exploding reactor, which somehow gave him control over electric currents.

Zorlan CrisisEdit

Flare was the leader of the heroes responsible for fighting against Zorlan during the Zorlan Crisis. He met him shortly after attempting to befriend Tye, who tried to kill him in cold blood. This is because Tye was under Zorlan's influence at the time due to an error in the transportation of Tye into Dimension 6. Flare eventually defeated Zorlan and all was well until Doom found him and launched himself into Zorlan's body, corrupting him and turning him into Dezro. Afterwards, Flare teamed up with Tye and Charge and they managed to defeat him after many months. Immediately afterwards, Tye left Flare, still under the control of the darkness.

GygazZemnas CrisisEdit

Flare met Andrew about 6 months later, who was just now introduced into Dimension 6. Flare helped the rest of the heroes gain enough power to take down GygazZemnas and fought many battles alongside the others. Eventually Tye realized the incoming apocalypse and teamed up with the rest of the heroes, including Flare. When confronted with Shadias in his new body and DarkShire, Flare was one of the five heroes to fuse together to activate the Ultimate Fusion Event, releasing Firefly from his banishment. After Firefly destroyed that Earth, they escaped to Dimension X and Flare met Xbi, the last hero to join them in their quest for power. They returned back to Dimension 6 and fought against GygazZemnas. Flare was knocked unconscious like most of the heroes were just before Andrew and Shadias defeated GygazZemnas.

A Spark of HopeEdit

A year after he helped save the multiverse, Flare discovered Dezro was only defeated and not killed. Flare left the friends he met during the GygazZemnas Crisis to chase after Dezro and put an end to him forever. He met up with his teammates from the Zorlan Crisis and eventually made his way to Dezro. Shortly afterwards, Dezro killed one of Flare's friends. This infuriated Flare, sending him straight into Dark Hyper Ascended Forme. He could not control his rage, and with his power, became a huge threat to the universe. His friends and Dezro tried to stop him but he was too strong. He killed Dezro, who simply came back as Doom and Zorlan. Unfortunately, Doom died because of this. This somehow snapped Flare out of it, and pushed him into his highest Ascended forme: the legendary Spark of Hope: a new Ultimate. The Ultimates Mirage and Legacy realized that Flare was a member of a new species: the Ultrix. Flare defeated Zorlan and he finally gave up and rejoined the Ultimates.

The DROX CrisisEdit

Flare was second in command in the resistance forces against the DROX overtaking Dimension 6. He, along with Tye, fought off a massive army of DROX and DROXOR, and even took down the DROX Overlord, who turned out to be DarkShire the whole time.

The X Game EventEdit

Flare took part in the X Game since he was fighting with the rest of Aerion against Noirea. He perished in the quarterfinal round.

AfterLife CrisisEdit

Flare was one of the Heroes of Legend to fight against the resurrected defeated old evils on Dimension 3's Earth. He died while inside the timestream, fighting against DarkShire's true forme. He was later brought back to life along with everyone else, and now lives a free life exploring the Aerion dimension.


  • Incredible Speed
  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Decent Strength
  • Easily accessed "Spark of Hope" Ultimate forme.
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