Invented by Patrick Eladnehsa the First, the Flick Blade is a specially designed weapon that allows almost any motion of attack. Controlled by odd magnet like rocks that are imbued into a glove (or a cyborg arm in some cases), the blade is made of a rare metal and as such, only a few dozen or so have been made. Fast, deadly, and adaptable, this weapon in the hands of a skilled Knight Warrior, can duel with any bladed weapon if it's roll is high enough (18-20), and can be duel wielded by those capable. The weapon deals 2D8 of damage by following the hand motions made by the user, flicking out, and locking into position; great for stabbing and slashing. The major downside of the weapon is that without proper training, the user can easily hurt themselves (1-3). However with the proper skill level, the weapon seems bound to the users thoughts. If the user also has enough strength, the blade can lash out for up to 10ft.