General Hellkite
A self portrait of General Hellkite after his battle with Tye.


General Xallforage D-Prime Alpha 'Hellkite'




True Neutral


Assassin Rogue



You got something on your face... *BOOM!* got it.
— Hellkite


General Hellkite was an important commanding unit under the rule of the DROX Overlord. He served loyally until he was damaged in a battle against the hero Tye and left decommissioned for two decades, only reawakening a few months ago in this new world with much of his memory lost.


Serious, disciplined, and resourceful, Hellkite is the embodiment of a fine solider and leader. He takes pride in his skills and dislikes being ordered around by those he thinks below him. He's a crack shot and brilliant strategist, he calculates and searches through his enemies strengths and weaknesses to find the perfect shot. During his battle against Tye and his forces, Hellkite received a bullet wound that came dangerously close to finishing him off for good. Luckily, his self repair diagnostics was intact and began slowly repairing is internal systems and recovering most of his data. During the diagnostic procedure his repair system stumbled across a unknown file labeled Mega Shift and then shortly after, he 'woke' up and found himself not only a unfamiliar world but a whole new dimension. His 'coma' lasted two decades before he awoke, confused and on edge. The resulting hole in his head leaves his systems glitched, causing him to twitch and have sudden changes in behavior. Despite this set back, Hellkite remains a brilliant and level-headed killing machine.

Journal EntriesEdit

  • Journal Entry #1

I have awoken in an unknown environment and an unknown dimension with little memory of my past. I see strange organisms out in the distance that appear to be intelligent and are not on file, I shall approach with caution and see what I can learn about this place and the state of the war. Still no contact from the DROX Overlord or new mission objectives.

  • Journal Entry #2

I find myself leading a very strange group of beings from this world called Aeri. I also found out that the DROX Overlord has been defeated along with his forces and I am unsure what would be the best plan of action. I will continue trying to recover any details on the last mission statement and my primary objective.

Note: Drahcir needs extra maintenance and supervision.

  • Journal Entry #3

I have been having strange visions in my dreams and odd occurrences in my decision making protocol recently. I ran several viral diagnostics checks and no viruses or abnormalities have been found.

  • Journal Entry #4

The 'Squishies' have been very odd recently, especially between Torrick, Gluggles and the female Artificial. I still don't understand what is wrong with them, nor do I really care unless it hinders our combat capabilities.

Note A: Drahcir has a very excellent taste when it comes to colour and design, but not naming.

Note B: Considering having a 'chat' with Torrick, Gluggles and the female artificial.

  • Journal Entry #5

We reached the mainland finally, and now finally making real progress. I, along with the others have acquired special new abilities that I can not explain or hope to understand. I am quite fond of the ability to turn invisible as it allows me to focus on accuracy and efficiency rather than trying to evade hostiles. The bickering between Torrick and Gluggles over the female artificial continues and is becoming ever more irritating.

Note:Male artifical is missing.

  • Journal Entry #6

It has been several days since my last entry as I have not found the time due to all the combat and strange events I and the rest of my squad has endured. A lot of what has happened I can't really explain or hope to understand, all I know is it was not a malfunction. Later I came across a somewhat familiar face, a Exiled Drox who went by the name Jacob. He brought us to his Exiled village to rest for the night. The next day however we met a very interesting character that had great and disturbing amount of knowledge of Drox, Charge. He spoke to me personally and I was on high alert around him as he was part of the resistance against the Drox army long ago. I could not trust him completely for his actions against us but no hostility came of it, he just asked if I would like to change my orange stripes to green. He said it would help with relations throughout the land but I have become quite fond of my colours and again I did not want to take any chances, I have not forgotten what has happened. After that, Jacob agreed to take us to the edge of the desert toward Wintershine.

Note A: Better find female artifical as Torrick and Gluggles have been complaining even more than usual and in turn have become more irritating than usual.

NoteB: Still no sign of the male artificial.

  • Journal Entry #7

This turned out to be a very, lets say 'interesting' day in Wintershine. I am not very fond of it as my cloaking ability is utterly useless because for some reason everyone can see invisible things. Drahcir became arrested almost immediately and was sent to court shortly after (This was no surprise to me as almost all of Drahcir's actions are very questionable.) Trail when on for some time and the court eventually tipped in our favor. After that, I was interrogated by Lord Lightshade. It was extremely difficult to restrain myself within his presence, but as I have lost much of my prior power and he has gained significantly more power than last we met, it was wise to not offend him or act hostile towards him. After that discussion he released me and I rejoined my allies.

Note:Male artificial has resurfaced and was for some reason in his tent the whole time, he is not quite the same as he was befor.

  • Journal Entry #8

After regrouping We planned our course to Springdrop to learn Megashift, but as my straight path to Springdrop was laced with peril, we decided on a much longer but safer route.

Note A: I can't help but feel having multiple genders in my squad is causing unneeded and unnecessary tension and disruption. I must think of a way to deal with it as it may cause serious problems in the future.

Note B: I can't help but fear the that Torrik has mated with the female artificial. Disgusting abominations.

  • Journal Entry #9

I am not looking forward to meeting the rest of the Eladnehsa family, as the family I have met so far is not at all pleasant. Although I do respect their power. We then delved into the minds (Both literally and hypothetically) of Drahcir and 'Mute' which we now know as Amanda. The encounter with the 'non-perfect was no problem at all considering I never had to lift a finger. After that we returned and had a interesting night of drinking and near death experiences.

Note: My eyes seem to be malfunctioning a lot recently, I must look into it soon. I assume it may have something to do with me becoming a phantom but I can't be sure.

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