Gluggles McBuff


Gluggles "Glug" McBuff




Chaotic Good


Power Mage


Blade Claw


7'7"/250 lbs

— Gluggles McBuff


Born after a Spawn attack on Fiiala, Gluggles in his egg state was rolled and tumbled all around town amongst the chaos. It was very stormy out the next morning as he hatched in front of the Fiiala Orphanage for Half-Spawn, where he was taken in and raised by the head caregiver, a Shirespawn Power Mage. Now because of the heavy rainfall that fateful day combined with the magical aura emanating from the caregiver, Gluggles was imbued with the element of water. This event also led to his obsession with liquids. All the other caregivers at the orphanage thought the headmaster was out of his mind taking in this powerful and maybe even out of control being, but he could just sense this half-spawn had an important destiny to fulfill in the lands of Aerion. At the age of 10 Gluggles began studying combat magic and a little chemistry in the hopes of one day becoming the greatest power mage that Aeri had ever seen. He showed amazing results in most spells, specifically MAGIC MISSILE!!! Some of the other students may have teased him for being created by a rape-murder-suicide, but with his intimidating stature they knew when to stop. Unfortunately at the age of 20 Gluggle's training came to a hault when that same hoard of spawn from 20 years ago came rampaging into town again. He tried his hardest to protect what was now his home, but to no avail and the orphanage was ravaged to the ground with no other survivors. Gluggles McBuff now lives in a small shack across from Alfred's Bar where he comtemplates what he will do to any Spawn that dare cross his path again. On occasion he will also walk over to the bar to get a nice hot meal with free refills! Then one day a mismatched group of adventurers walks into the bar, which is where the story of the MME begins.


Gluggles is a polite and thoughtfull individual always looking out for those who are friendly towards him

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