Sketch of Half-Spawn


Roughly 7 feet


60-80 years old

Notable Members

None Yet

Unique Attributes

Most physically lethal body of all races

Available Formes

Dark Ascended, Primal, Perfect Ascension

The offspring of humans or shirespawn that were raped by Spawn. Spawn are vile twisted evil creatures that assume the form of the thing they most hate. When a spawn mates, it and its victim both die a horrific death. The leftover material of the dead parents fuses together and forms an egg. This egg later hatches into a baby Half-Spawn. Half-Spawn children are often not happy due to the fact they are the result of a rape-murder-suicide. When they grow up they learn to live with it though. The human or shirespawn side of them gives them the ability to properly think and be considered sentient rather than a beast. However, their Spawn side usually makes them anger quickly. Luckily though, they are smart enough to differ between right and wrong.

Base StatsEdit

WISDOM: 9   


Spawn are vile twisted creatures that assumed the form of the thing they most hated. After the death of the Spawn Queen, they had zero organization. As such they became completely psychotic and ravaged everything they came across. They were beings of pure instinct. Half-Spawn on the other hand have some of the strengths of their spawn side as well as their own form of thinking and self-control. However if another Spawn Monarch were to arise, they would obey it without thinking unless they were in their Dark Ascended form.


Half-Spawn are born by hatching out of eggs. They can reproduce sexually with another Half-Spawn of the opposite gender. The other way Half-Spawn are created is when a Spawn forces itself on another species (either human or shirespawn), killing both the spawn and the victim. The egg, within a day, will come out of the body of the victim. Most Half-Spawn are born with some sort of mental illness, usually depression, because they hatch with the bodies still there. Luckily, there is a squad devoted to finding Half-Spawn eggs and keeping them until they hatch so as to avoid the mental scarring.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Bloody Shards- Passive. opponents who attack Half-Spawn directly have a 50% chance of taking damage equal to Half-Spawn’s strength
  • Blinded Fury- randomly and viciously kills someone on the battlefield, more likely to attack those with opposite alignment
  • Knows English and Spawnish


  • +2 Intimidate, Tumble, Climb
  • +1 Knowledge-Nature, Heal, Jump
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