There are many special events and holidays that are celebrated throughout Aerion. Here is a list of the more well known ones.

Fresh DayEdit

  • First of January, every year

Similar to Dimension 3's Earth's New Years Day holiday, this day is meant to celebrate a fresh new beginning every year. It is a very heartwarming holiday in which many families join up and speak of how the following year will be a fresh experience, and what theyre going to do to make it that way.

Royalty Appreciation DayEdit

  • Seventh of March, every year

A special day in which the King celebrates his people and his people celebrate him. On this day, nobody needs to work and the king holds all processes of labour and such so that everyone may have a rest. It is also the birthday of King Aeriüs.

Festival of UltimatesEdit

  • First saturday of August every four years

A festival held every four years in Lakeshore. It is a celebration of the peace amongst the Ultimates. Many parties and other festivities occur throughout the week in which the festival occurs.

Hallow's EveEdit

  • Thirty-first of October every year

Essentially Halloween. This is when children of all races go to their neighbours door and ask for candy. However, to make things more interesting, it is a competition in each community. Whoever gets the most candy, the best candy, and the golden stick, will be rewarded with a wish, as long as said wish does not interfere with economics or powers beyond civilian control.

Celebration of Peace, Giving, and LoveEdit

  • Twentieth to Twenty-seventh of December, every year

A special week-long celebration held in New Langley every year. It varies almost every year, although Christmas is always on the same day of course.


  • Twenty-fifth of December every year

A special holiday in which one Earthling is allowed full access to Aeri. The Earthling in question? Santa Claus. He spreads joy throughout the Aerion dimension for one day, using his special capabilities of time manipulation to deliver to every home. This day is actually longer than any other day of the year, being twice the length of a normal day. This is because it is also the birthday of Lord Liteshade. The double length day is meant for both this way.

Boxing DayEdit

The day after Christmas, still during the Celebration of Peace, Giving, and Love. It is a celebration of what the King calls "awesomeness", in which the festivities vary every year. However, there is always at least one professional wrestling-styled fight between two cardboard box golems.

Final DayEdit

  • Thirty-second of December every year

A holiday very similar to New Years Eve, in which the world celebrates the end of another year. Many various things happen on this day, from small parties to huge celebrations spanning such areas as Wintershine

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