A rather small town, Ixxion is literally "the most magical place in the world." This is because of high mana content in the air. It is unknown why this is the case. Some scientists and magicians believe that the high amount of mana is due to the close proximity to Goro-Shiro, the Portal Hub, Entroff, and Springdrop. However, this has never been confirmed. Due to the overflow of mana in the town, many skilled Mages and Psychics are born here. Ixxion is also home to an elite-status university known as the Ixxion School of Magical Arts, or ISMA. Other than the campus of ISMA, Ixxion is rather lacking in terms of population. This may be due to the high mana content, as certain individuals find the feeling of raw mana on the skin to be irritating. Others, however, enjoy it and will move to Ixxion during retirement. The populace is rather evenly balanced, however there are more humans than the other races since humans are the most populous race overall. Rumours say that there are ancient ruins buried deep underneath Ixxion, which can supposedly be accessed by the university's lowest floor. However, nobody has managed to get to the ruins due to guards blocking the lowest basement floor.... at least, not yet.

Ixxion School of Magical ArtsEdit

a rather prestigious school which has a very high expense. The school is treated as its own small town within Ixxion, having housing, shops, and various other accommodations for students and faculty, as well as the occasional visitor. The school is run by Kaora, an Ultrix of Toxeira, who acts as the headmistress.

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