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He was born on Earth, Dimension 3, in the year 1995. At the age of 13 when odd things were happening to the world, he was one of four humans sucked into portals leading to another world, Dimension 6. He was one of the few survivors of that Earth's destruction at the hands of Firefly. At the age of 25, he was appointed King of Aerion shortly after its creation since he did not want the title of God, as it seemed to cause issues on his homeworld.

GygazZemnas CrisisEdit

Andrew played a very major role in the defeat of GygazZemnas. He was transported to Dimension 6, where he met many new friends. He also realized that some of his friends from what he at the time considered "The Real World' were also transported there. He met Flare almost immediately after entering the world, and then noticed Tye walking down the street. He approached him and was excited to greet his friend, who was thought missing or dead back in Dimension 3's Earth. He was shocked when Tye instead tried to kill him. He later found a pair of wristblades lying on a buildling's rooftop after escaping with Flare. He took them, and noticed a note was attached to them that read "you're gonna need these". He tried them on and instantly knew how to use them. Shortly after, his mind was taken over by Shadias, who was very intent on controlling his body to serve DarkShire and resurrect GygazZemnas. This happened many times but Andrew was always able to regain control. After meeting up with other friends and forming a strong alliance with many, Tye joined up with the group and they all fused together. This caused the Ultimate Fusion Event. He then escaped with the others to Dimension X where he reunited with his friend Xbi. At this point, DarkShire showed up and fought everyone. They managed to defeat him, but the residual power went inside Andrew and Shadias arose from his body. It was then revealed that DarkShire had only sent a weak clone after them, and Shadias left to join DarkShire's side. Once the heroes had gained enough power, they met up with GygazZemnas, who the Ultimates were holding back. They told the heroes that they need a pure life essence to have a chance at defeating GygazZemnas, but DarkShire's forces also heard this. The Ultimates said that an ancient amulet was hidden deep inside the moon of the planet they were on, and it contained the essence they needed. The heroes and villains both combined their MegaShift power to send Andrew and Shadias to the moon. There, they fought for what felt like hours. Just before Andrew was about to deal the final blow to Shadias, he said "go ahead... I guess good doesnt triumph over evil after all." This made Andrew hesitate, and the two of them revealed to one another that DarkShire was manipulating his forces all this time, and tricking them into believing that the heroes were trying to make GygazZemnas stronger. The two of them reached Hyper Ascended forme and defeated GygazZemnas together.

The Fate Gem WarsEdit

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The X Game EventEdit

Andrew took part in the X Game because he was at the head of Aerion's forces against Noirea when they invaded. He disliked the games but continued to fight for his world. He had many conflicting emotions with Shadias at this time since he was treating it more like a game than a serious problem. In the quarterfinal round, Andrew was forced to kill Tye. After this, he vowed "I swear on your grave, old friend, I will destroy this fucker for what he's done." In the final round, Andrew and Antonio caught Dimenton by surprise and attacked him. Dimenton killed Antonio with ease, further infuriating Andrew. He then explained to Andrew that he has been waiting a very long time to exact his revenge on him, and now was the perfect opportunity. Andrew quickly realized that Dimenton was a much more powerful forme of DarkShire's. Using every last bit of energy he could, Andrew killed Dimenton, making himself die as well in the process.

AfterLife CrisisEdit

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  • Wristblade Specialist
  • Owner of the Book of Fate
  • Decent Psychokinetic Abilities
  • Great Strength
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