Little Friend


Little Friend




True Neutral


Blood Warrior


10'00"/237 lbs

I have no comment on this matter.
— Little Friend


Little Friend left his tank (26912146) on August 29. It took several minutes (hours? He wasn't very good at judging time then) to figure out how to leave his tank, however. He got a tattoo on the back of his head (of what he calls his "expiration date", the date he is to die, according to science) shortly after, then made his way to Fiiala, where he met the rest of his current companions.


Little Friend has very few opinions; the ones he does have are basic (for example, he dislikes DarkShire). He intends on amassing a large fortune before he dies; unfortunately, it is not going well so far. He enjoys hurting others though. This is usually not because he dislikes his opponent and more because he is being paid to or thinks life would be easier if his victim died, although he is finding he enjoys hurting and killing others. He doesn't take his life (and all life in general, for that matter) very seriously, mostly because he only has a year to live (max) and sees no reason not to poke fun of how science can only do so well. He is comfortable with his death, and even has his "expiration date" tattoo'd on the back of his head in black ink.

He sees his mount, 42, as little more than a means of transportation, albeit a badass one at that. He would, however, be devestated if his kitten, Zangief died. Little Friend does not know why he loves Zangief so much, although he suspects it may be because Zangief is going to outlive him several times over and is fucking adorable.

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