The Magic Missile Enthusiasts are a group of heroes who travel the lands of Aerion and beyond. This particular MME is actually the third, the first being situated in Cordilon and the second in Theophia.

The members of the MME are as follows:

Skawrf EladnehsaEdit

  • Human/ Vampire
  • Acrobatic Fighter
  • Main Character
  • Has unlocked Ascension

Drahcir EladnehsaEdit

  • Ultrix of Extro/ Lycanthrope
  • Projector Psychic
  • Rival
  • Completely Insane
  • Has unlocked Ascension

Little FriendEdit

  • Artificial/ Draconic
  • Blood Warrior
  • Secondary Main Character (Sidekick)


  • DROX/ Phantom
  • Assassin Rogue
  • Leader
  • Megashift user

Gluggles McBuffEdit

  • Half-Spawn/ Phoenixian
  • Power Mage
  • Chosen One
  • Obsessed with Liquids(?)

Torrick SteelskinEdit

  • Shirespawn/ Cyborg
  • Knight Warrior
  • Lucky One
  • Megashift user

Mass DefuncEdit

  • Exiled DROX
  • Gunner Rogue
  • Accident Prone
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