Mages use magic to do various things to manipulate various things in the world. Their magic would be what one normally associates with magic. As with all master classes, it has 3 subclasses to choose from.

Power MageEdit

Conjuring and controlling the elements, this class is for those who wish to fight like a warrior, but with magic abilities instead.

Summoner MageEdit

Ignoring themselves at points, this class utilizes the powers of wildlife and other creatures to fight for them. This class is for those who wish to sit back and relax while your pet fire golem "Fluffy" deals with the problems.

Cleric MageEdit

Using their magic to help themselves and others, this class uses primarily healing and cursing abilities to deal with whining teammates as well as dying enemies. Despite being not as battle-oriented as one may think, this class can actually pack quite a wallop. This class if for those who prefer to mess with people.

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