New Langley is a somewhat small sized city situated close to the south end of the supercontinent. Feeling homesick, most of the Heroes of Legend spent one summer building this city the old fashioned way. The fact that some of them can fly and lift over ten thousand tonnes was rather useful. They dubbed the city "New Langley", after the town they had once lived in so many years ago. They hold an annual festival on the 20th of December in celebration of peace, giving, and love. Nobody really knows why they did this, except of course for the Heroes of Legend. The festival ends on the 27th of December. The city recieves most of its income from tourism and museums. It is also home to many humans, shirespawn, and artificials. Very few DROX are found here, but the Half-Spawn community is a decent size. Ultrix are as rare as they often are. The annual festival will usually change those numbers significantly, as that is a very busy time of year. It is one of the few areas on Aeri where the seasons are very defined, and it is a common vacation spot during the summer. It is very similar in layout and appearance to the Langley of Dimension 3's Earth. It is also home to the famous Collossus.

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