Patrick Eladnehsa I


Cyborg Human


Neutral Good


Knight Warrior


6'1"/170 lbs

Father of Patrick Eladnehsa the Second, and husband of Ellie Eladnehsa, Patrick is an elderly man with a right cyborg arm and two cyborg legs, his right leg completely robotic, while his left only up majority of his shin. He lost those limbs in a mining accident before he became a business man instead, and was never quite the same since. A happy man who prides in his own ability, never asking for help until he truly is defeated, Patrick ran the Eladnehsa company for many years until his son finally took over and made the profits skyrocket. That always saddened him, that his son was so different from him and managed to be far more successful. Nevertheless, he loves his family and even accepted Kurt as his son, which brought quite the problem between him and his wife for a long time. He is currently retired in Tybalt.

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