300ft (GygazZemnas), 20'2" (Gigarez)


True Immortal

Thought to be the first species ever to have existed, fully evolved and essentially "perfect". There are only two of them in recorded history, only one of which is still alive. They are incredibly mysterious and nobody knows much of them. Apparently, they have the ability to create and destroy universes. It is rumoured that the Perfects created the Ultimates, but the first Ultimate perished a very long ago, as did the first Perfect, so it is only a rumour and it cannot be confirmed. Although there are only two confirmed Perfects, they share biological traits: all known Perfects have no legs, a long tail, a large head, and long, physically powerful arms. It is also generally accepted that they have reached omniscience and possibly omnipotence.

Known PerfectsEdit

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