Psychics are a magic-based class which focuses more on creating their magic with their powerful minds. As with all master classes, it has 3 subclasses to choose from.

Alterer PsychicEdit

Similar to a power mage, this class prefers to let the battlefield fight for it. Changing the landscape and crushing enemies beneath the very land they stand upon, this class is meant for those who wish to control every aspect of the fight.

Projector PsychicEdit

Using advanced psionic constructs, this class uses its mind to generate weapons which look similar to their bodies. This class is for those who want their fist to project a 10 foot fist to slam down on their enemies.

Rising PsychicEdit

Tampering and meddling, this class makes its allies and itself stronger while making its opponents weaker. This class is meant for those who really love making their enemies cry for their mothers.

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