Rogues are stealth and ranged-based. They prefer to stay away from the battle, only coming in close to lay a powerful strike at the right moment, or to steal something with their deft hands. As with all master classes, it has 3 subclasses to choose from.

Assassin RogueEdit

Utilizing blades and ranged weapons, this class is meant for those wishing to distance themselves and pick off their opponents silently.

Gunner RogueEdit

Sacrificing a bit of their rogue stealthiness, this class uses bullet-based ranged weapons to decimate opponents before they get close enough to fight them. This class is meant for those wanting to spray and pray.

Thief RogueEdit

More stealth than power, this class uses smaller blades as well as poisons and other such things. This class easy to lose track of in battle as well as around towns, and as such they specialize in theft and reverse theft. Nothing says "go die by your own hand" quite like your enemy drinking your potent poison thinking its a health potion!

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