Enchantment Master




Chaotic ***




Destroy smooth blue stone

Relationship Options

Frequent Shopper, Friendship


Master Enchanting Stone Gauntlet

Enchantment? Enchantment.
— Sandal


Totally not a humongous reference to another character of the same name, Sandal is a simple-minded golem who loves nothing more than to enchant weapons and people.

Use In BattleEdit

Sandal's enchantments will help out the players greatly, or hinder the opponents. Or both. Sandal himself, although capable of battle, is not a great idea for fighting.


Level 1Edit

  • On Fire: adds a 1D4 burning effect to weapon, ammo, or garb
  • Healing: adds a 1D4 healing effect to weapon, ammo, or garb. Does not remove damaging effects of weapons or ammunition
  • Poison: adds a 1D6 poison effect to weapon, ammo, or garb
  • Wing Clip: Disables flight on contact.

Level 2Edit

  • Darkness: Envelopes item in a black, smokey aura.
  • Cthulhu: Has a chance to induce insanity- causing one to act, well, insane in RP. In combat this has a chance to cause the insanity status ailment
  • Attract: Has a chance to induce false love on the target. Higher chance of working on enemies with matching sexual orientation.

Level 3Edit

  • DracoFlame: adds 1D4 fire damage, induces 1D6 burn. Upgraded form of Level 1's On Fire.
  • Corrosive Touch: Adds 1D6 corrosive damage, 1D4 every turn

Level 4Edit

Omega LevelEdit

These enchantments are unlocked by different methods other than Sandal's current enchantment level, and they can only be used by an individual who has reached ascension at least three times, or knows MegaShift. In addition, some Omega Enchantments require something from the buyer other than gold as well.

  • Demonic Essence: gained by defeating Leafblower The Magnificent of the Cordilon MME. Requires Satan's blessing.
  • Aerion's Essence: gained by defeating Aerion Heavensbane of the Cordilon MME. Requires Roland.
  • Soulless Essence:
  • Shadow Essence:
  • Knowledge Essence:
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