the Shifting Wristblades are special magically charged wristblades designed by King Aeriüs. They are easily manipulated to change shape, density, and sharpness, as well as function (loosely). They are capable of doing this using the psychic mana flow of the wearer. The shifting capabilities of the wristblades can only be activated by the mind signature of the correct wearer. As such, only four shifting wristblades exist, and only their owners can use them.

Cobalt Shifting WristbladesEdit

Glowing blue laser-based wristblades worn by King Andrew Aeriüs

  • often shot like projectiles
  • elongate and spin around the King's body when in Hyper Ascension
  • change to a pulsing dark purple when in Dark Ascension

Crimson Shifting WristbladesEdit

Glowing red laser-based wristblades worn by Prince Shadias Aeriüs

  • deattach from bases and spin around body to deflect incoming projectiles
  • commonly shifted into long sickle-like blades
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