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Anywhere from 1 foot to 1000 feet.


20 years for most

Notable Members

Spawn Queen

Spawn are vile twisted creatures that assumed the form of the thing they most hate. After the death of the original Spawn Queen, they had zero organization. As such they became completely psychotic and ravaged everything they came across. They were beings of pure instinct. Nowadays they seem to be presenting more intelligence than normal, and it is making a lot of people very, very worried that there might be a second uprising.


The first stage of the Spawn's life. The Spawn Monarch will lay the egg and await its hatching. The egg has special magical properties which alter the mana around them, giving the mana absorbing capabilities. The egg, using the mana, then develops a hatred for a certain species. This can be influenced by many different things, including other eggs nearby as well as the spawn monarch imprinting hatred of a species or individual inside the egg. When the egg hatches, the resulting Hatchling will have taken on traits of the hated one.


The very first stage of the Spawn's life outside the egg. Depending on the species that the egg picked up traits from, it will stay in this form for varying amounts of time. Insect-like hatchlings stay like this for three minutes, whereas human-like hatchlings stay like this for one year. Hatchlings are more or less useless until they grow up, as they have no connection to a spawn monarch. At least, not usually. Hatchlings are kept in large caves or nests, usually guarded by a few Spawnkor, until they fully develop into Spawnlings.


A more developed Spawn. The Spawnlings are mindless drones, which do the menial work for the Spawn community. Occasionally they will be used as fighters in small troops or packs consisting of three to twenty spawnlings. Many Spawn stay in this stage for their full life, due to the need of many small foot soldiers and workers.


Intelligent Spawn that were able to develop past the Spawnling stage. Spawnkors are usually person-sized but their size can of course vary. Spawnkor are capable of thinking on their own, and as such, are used as generals or commanders in battle. They are also commonly used as guards for Hatchlings, as well as, on very VERY rare ocassions, emissaries for communication between Spawn and other races.


Usually incredibly large, the Spawn is the most powerful of any Spawn save for the Monarch. Spawn can develop from a Spawnling or Spawnkor, and as such, their intelligence varies. There have been reports of speaking Spawn, although it is incredibly rare. The most intelligent Spawn of all time would be Spawn Tye, the Spawn who took traits from Lord Liteshade during the Fate Gem Wars.

Spawn MonarchEdit

Usually referred to as a queen, but can also be a king, the Spawn Monarch is the running command of all the Spawn under its control. Spawn Monarchs are fully sentient and think like an intelligent person, sometimes even moreso. They are very tactically proficient and can control any Spawn if it makes contact with the Monarch, including Half-Spawn and Spawn that are not under the Monarch's reign.

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