The city of Springdrop has been captured by an emperor dragon. Buildings and all were ripped out of the ground and made into its hoard, piece by piece. Oddly, nobody minds. The city has the protection of the dragon, and the areas of the lair which aren't gold and treasure are an odd fertile moss-land with a lake of water that trickles in through a mountain spring. Nobody born in the town is allowed to leave,(save for a few important individuals) but nobody wants to. They have everything they need. Even visitors are allowed to come and go as they please, but Gigarez help them if they try to carry off even a handful of the dragon's hoard.

The dragon, which sleeps almost all the time, the locals just ignore. Children even play on it. Most of the city's trade is the Somekin Fungus, which has magical properties and is used to make mana potions, that grows around its scales. Citizens lock up gold carefully to keep it separate from the hoard. The magic that wakes the dragon if the hoard is pilfered does not extend to gold that the villagers use to pay off merchants.

It is rumoured that the city itself is some kind of bizarre hoard-accumulating mechanic devised by the dragon. Maybe it is far more intelligent than first thought.


Ardanos B'kalak Teegana



Horn colour


Eye colour

Red and Gold


700ft on all fours


Power Mage, Brute Fighter


Emperor Dragon



Ardanos is often sleeping, so not many people know his personality. He rarely awakens and even more rarely leaves Springdrop. Luckily, his alignment is to that of the Aerion Knights, oddly enough. Not the royalty, military, etc, just the Aerion Knights. Because of this, Ardanos is one of Aeri's (and Aerion's) primary defence units. Ardanos has fought in only one war so far, in which the side that he was on, won.

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