In Aerion, there are Eight Subraces which may develop in humanoids, and have been copied in forms of upgrades for the DROX.

The Eight Subraces Edit


Contracted after accepting the 'gift' from another Vampire, by being willingly hypnotized and bitten.

Visual: A Vampire has very pale skin and long fangs.


Night Vision (Passive)

Blood Drain- standard attacks 50% chance of absorbing half health

Transformation to bat


Weak to Light and Fire

Immune to Darkness


Contracted when bitten by a Werewolf and staring directly at the moon, unlocking your primal self.

Visual: A Lycan begins growing lots of hair at an expedited rate.


Claws (1D10)

Night Vision (Passive)

Primal Forme Access (in Half-Spawn, it is easier to access- MUCH easier)

Transformation to Wolf

Can eat anything organic

Weakness to Silver and Silverscale


Either be gifted or steal an Angel's halo to become an Angel.

Visual: An Angel grows white, grey, or black wings, as well as retains the halo.


Flight (Ultrix gain +2 initiative while flying)

-2 Ascended Access

+3 Healing with powers and potions

Immune to light

Weak to darkness


Through the partial removal of one's life essence, they become a Phantom.

Visual: They develop blank white eyes, and occasionally they will partially fade away.



Can Possess those with intelligence less than 10 (Artificials can possess higher intelligence opponents for one turn)

Weak to electricity

Immune to toxins


A dangerous procedure, one must be injected with dragon venom and survive.

Visual: Their tongues become forked and they gain sharp lizard eyes


Fire breath for 1D12 once a day

Perfect Eyesight (Passive)

-2 for enemy melee rolls


By rubbing phoenix ashes into skin until the skin absorbs it, the phoenix is re birthed and combines itself with you.

Visual: Large, red or orange wings grow out of their backs.


Rise from the ashes- can return from dead with 1HP in Ascended forme

Flight (Ultrix gain +2 initiative when flying)

Weakness to water

Immune to fire


DROX may not become a cyborg. Perhaps a terrible injury, or simply a desire for metal body parts- have synthetic parts added to your body.

Visual: Depending on what you have added, you may look different, however your new body parts will NOT be reminiscent to that of a DROX, as DROX technology is not compatable with organic compounds.


Hack: overcome simple technology by directly interfacing with it.

Welding: the cyborg may choose to weld or otherwise attach their weapon to a synthetic limb, thus making it impossible to be disarmed other than being dis-armed. HAH. I'm so funny.

Immune to Electricity

Weak to Fire


ONLY DROX may become Exiled. see The Exiled. The DROX has all of its parts save for its "brain" converted to a steam powered variant.

Visual: Exiled DROX resemble steampunk robots, and are more clunky than the sleek design of normal DROX.


Steam Cannon: 1D12, unhealable burn on organic enemies, once a battle

Salvaging Complex: the exiled may use non-damaged mechanical parts to heal or replace other parts of the body

Weak to Electricity

Immune to Water

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