The Temple of Agony is an enormous multi-levelled dungeon and temple which houses plenty of shadow spirits and a few small spawn hives. Only those who are granted special access may enter this temple. It towers high and goes down even further into the ground. They say the bottom-most floor is so dark not even those with perfect vision can see...

In the D&D CampaignEdit

The Temple of Agony is a massive dungeon and is both the largest dungeon in the game as well as the one that takes the longest to complete. Information on each floor will be revealed to players as they progress. A ghost will tell them about what lies on the next floor when they approach the stairs. This dungeon takes up an entire chapter,Chapter VII: The Temple of Agony. Players may level up during the dungeon exploration as well. Access to the Hub Camp is partially permitted, but some features (such as enchantments, mounts, and the mess hall) are blocked from access.

Floor 1Edit

The beginner's floor. Few enemies lay here, and most are weak. There is a miniboss by the staircase. Traditional ranged weapons upgrade.

Floor 2Edit

A few bandits and spawn hatchlings are around here.

Floor 3Edit

The boss floor. Defeating the boss will give 800XP to all. Weapons upgrade.

Floor 4Edit

The puzzle floor. Players must solve a series of puzzles to gain access to the stairs. Nearby the stairs, there is a strange, blue stone structure which glows and is smooth to the touch.

Floor 5Edit

The riddle floor. Players must solve 7 riddles correctly. Each incorrect answer sets off a different trap in the next room.

Floor 6Edit

The trap floor. There are a series of traps, up to 7 in total. Correct answers on the previous floor will prevent them from going off.

Floor 7Edit

The save zone floor. This is where players should plan their course of action, switch out party members, level up, etc. There is a small shop here run by a familiar face. In addition to this, there is an elevator next to the staircase.


Accessed by the staircase. A very powerful (level 86) optional boss may be summoned here if players are level 18 or higher, and all have ascension unlocked. It is recommended as a post-game battle.


Accessed by the elevator. This floor is thousands of feet underground and has no light at all. It is impossible to see here without a light source. Here is where the true boss of the dungeon resides, and its treasure, which is something very unique.

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