The Eladnehsa Brothers,

Skawrf and Drahcir

Eladnehsa Brothers

Eldest Brother

Skawrf 'Sir Skawrfington' Eladnehsa


Vampiric Human


Lawful Evil


Acrobatic Fighter


6'3"/151 lbs

Youngest Brother

Drahcir Eladnehsa


Lycanthrope Ultrix of Extro


Chaotic Evil


Projector Pyschic


5'9"/138 lbs

The Eladnehsa are a prestigious family from the town of Wintershine (however, their roots lead to Tybalt). At least, they were before their youngest son, Drahcir, went a little haywire and slaughtered everyone but his older brother Skawrf. Across much of Aeri the name is well known, however the new found brutality of the two remaining heirs is taking over their once good reputation.

Skawrf Edit

God Dammit, why is everyone around me an idiot?
— Skawrf

Skawrf, more commonly referred to as 'Sir Skawrfington', is the calm and level headed elder brother. He is tall by human standards, completely bald, his eyes are a light shade of blood red, and he never makes any attempt to hide his vampire fangs. He always wears his long, blood red scarf, a smokey brown suit, black dress shoes, and a black top hat. He became a vampire at age 5, and is now 27 years of age. Because of his Vampire infection at a young age, Skawrf was often resented as a child, for fear he'd kill or infect any he got close to. To prove everyone wrong, he went on to become a successful business man, though his hurt feelings always resurface in the form of his takeovers or overall crushing of his competition. Despite his usual cruel behavior and thirst for blood, Skawrf is always willing to show kindness to those who show it to him. Skawrf was born on the 15th of January.

Skawrf's formative years were technically spent in school, however, in practice, Skawrf was often found in Tybalt's various beverage-serving establishments hardening his liver (He was often missing for weeks doing so, seeing as he lived in Wintershine). As such, the intoxicating effects of alcohol wear off incredibly quickly, leaving only a minor headache, and drinking contests challenged against him often lead in failure for the other party (or parties) involved. Skawrf's preferred drink is a frothy mug of Aerivad Ale.

Drahcir Edit

Don't care, doing it anyways!
— Drahcir

Drahcir, unlike his older brother, is completely insane, reflecting his shared DNA with the Ultimate Extro. He is surprisingly short for an Ultrix, his skin is practically snow white, with odd two-pronged horns, and thanks to his Lycanthrope powers, has incredibly sharp teeth (although he sharpened them as a child even before the infection). He is 24 years old and became a Lycan at age 11, so his mouth would stop bleeding uncontrollably over his self-sharpened teeth. Drahcir hides his eyes under the wizard hat he constantly wears. Similarly to his brother, Drahcir always wears a purple scarf, a black suit, and dress shoes. Drahcir dresses so similarly to his brother because of the jealousy he feels towards him. At a younger age, Drahcir could always tell their parents preferred Skawrf. He decided it was because of how well he always dressed. In truth, his parents always loved him, but were terrified of him because of his violent tendencies and chaotic powers. Drahcir was born on the thirty-second of December, more commonly known as the holiday, Final Day.

Drahcir wasn't always insane though. He started school younger than regular children did because of his superior intelligence as an Ultrix. However the other children ridiculed, beat, and shunned him because of his differences, leading him to breaking down. Drahcir both hates, and loves himself. At age 6, Drahcir didn't understand right from wrong any longer and had began brutally harming himself. His entire body shows the damage he's done to himself, left in the scars that mar his body. Some scars were as horrendous as his mouth, removing his lips and much of his cheeks to reveal a constant bloody smile. Other no more than a slash on his arm. Nevertheless, majority of Drahcir's body is covered in scars. He even burned his fingerprints off! Despite the massive amounts of scars, Drahcir usually projects a less grotesque image of himself so as to hide his shame, for Drahcir switches between his brutally insane and violent tendencies, to a mellowed insanity filled with randomness and cluelessness, to completely sane and kind. He's usually rather tame as long as he's kept occupied, but can become sane or completely chaotic at any given time.

Blood OathsEdit

1. To April Eladnehsa, to never harm her ever.

2. To Extro, to always hit himself when Extro tells him to do so.

3. To Ardanos B'kalak Teegana, to never crawl inside his nose again.

4. To himself, to become an Ultimate permanently in order to free himself from his problems.

Relationship Edit

In the end of the Eladnehsa family's time, Drahcir finally snapped one day and killed his entire family, save for Skawrf. The only thing stopping him from killing him was the fact Skawrf simply managed to outfight him. After destroying half of Wintershine in their battle and being chased out of town, the two decided to put aside their differences and accept each other as brothers. The two now work together as a team whenever they're together. However they also enjoy pulling deadly pranks on one another... And singing, they like singing too... Usually about (or during) bloodshed and death, but singing nonetheless.

Perfect Ascension AbilitiesEdit

Circus (Drahcir's Ultimate Forme)Edit

Endless Confusion: Circus claps his hands (or snaps his fingers, clicks his heels, stomps his foot, whatever he wants really), generating a loud sound and flash of light- any who can hear and/or see it will become effected and begin entering a "Dream State" in which Circus cannot be targeted.

Torture State: If your Dream State leads you to a living nightmare, you'll begin to lash out in rage, pain, and terror. You may choose your attacks, but you could hit enemies, friends, and even yourself.

Entertainment State: If your Dream State leads you to a happy place that you enjoy, you'll lose the will to fight and simply wander the battlefield, laughing and smiling. If struck in this state, you'll enter the Torture State.

Blood Moon (Skawrf's True Forme)Edit

Eternal Night: Skawrf blots out every star of whatever universe he is currently in, and causes every moon to glow as a full moon. This forces all with Lycanthropy to shift into their primal state. In the darkness, most vision is lost unless gifted with greater senses or night vision.

Lunar Edge: Roll 6d20x2 to generate a massive blade of lunar rays. The power from this attack attracts all nearby werewolves to the location of the attack's impact, forcing them to attack whatever may have been struck by the blast, save for themselves.

Major Meteor:Take a moon, and use it as a weapon. Either the entire moon is called down and slammed into it's target, or the very energy that makes it up is torn from it and used like an energy cannon.

Rapture: Harness the full power of the Sword of Reckoning. Effect unknown- could kill the user if roll fails. Very powerful, very dangerous.

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