The Insignia of the Eladnehsa Family

(Pronounced: EH-LAD-NEH-SA) A prestigious family from Tybalt, was once one of the richest familys on the planet- until the horrifying day the youngest heir, Drahcir, chose to slaughter his parents and drag the family's good name down with him. Despite being from Tybalt, their major base of operation was in Wintershine.

Another note, the entire family is very capable of defending themselves, and many have managed to unlock ascension!


Patrick Eladnehsa the FirstEdit

Estimated Level: 18

  • Husband to Ellie.
  • Father of Patrick II.
  • Knight Warrior.
  • Cyborg Human.
  • Has unlocked Ascension and Dark Ascension.

Ellie EladnehsaEdit

Estimated Level: 20

  • Wife to Patrick I.
  • Mother of Patrick II.
  • Projector Psychic.
  • Human.
  • Has unlocked Ascension, Hyper Ascension, Dark Ascension, and Dark Hyper Ascension.

Patrick Eladnehsa the SecondEdit

Estimated Level: 16

  • Husband of Tanya.
  • Son of Patrick II and Ellie.
  • Father of Skawrf and Drahcir.
  • Creator of Kurt.
  • Husband of Tanya.
  • Thief Rogue.
  • Human.
  • Has unlocked Dark Ascension.
  • Deceased.

Tanya EladnehsaEdit

Estimated Level: 15

  • Wife of Patrick II.
  • Mother of Skawrf and Drahcir.
  • Cleric Mage.
  • Human.
  • Desceased.

Skawrf EladnehsaEdit

Current Level: 4

  • Son of Patrick II and Tanya.
  • Older brother of Drahcir.
  • Acrobatic Fighter.
  • Vampire Human.
  • Has unlocked Ascension.

Drahcir EladnehsaEdit

Current Level: 4

  • Son of Patrick II and Tanya.
  • Younger brother of Skawrf.
  • Projector Psychic.
  • Lycanthrope (Human) Ultrix of Extro.
  • Has unlocked Ascension.

Kurt EladnehsaEdit

Estimated Level: 20

  • Husband of Sarah.
  • Created by Patrick II.
  • Father of April.
  • Exploder Warrior.
  • Draconic Shirespawn.
  • Has unlocked Ascension, Hyper Ascension, and Dark Ascension.

Sarah EladnehsaEdit

Estimated Level: 17

  • Wife of Kurt.
  • Mother of April.
  • Summoner Mage.
  • Shirespawn.
  • Skilled Megashift user (Still training to become Megashift Master).

April EladnehsaEdit

Estimated Level: 6

  • Daughter of Kurt and Sarah.
  • Alterer Psychic.
  • (Shirespawn) Ultrix of Mirage.
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