The Exiled are DROX that were banished from their base for one reason or another. Along with being banished, these DROX are also disconnected from the DROX network. By being disconnected, these DROX's emotions seem more evident than those of a regular DROX. On their own, these DROX constantly roam the world, scavenging whatever scraps of metal they can find to repair themselves. Because of this, The Exiled are often larger than the regular DROX. The most notable difference between regular DROX and The Exiled, however, is their power source. Due to a lack of electricity, The Exiled run off of steam. This also powers their unique weapon, the steam cannon, which can fire a cloud of scalding-hot steam at an enemy.

The Exiled NowEdit

Most of The Exiled are thought to be dead, however, there are rumors of an Exiled Village somewhere...

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