The Onyx Zodiac Rifle is General Hellkite's old weapon during his service as a general in the DROX army under the command of DarkShire. It has now become lost in the land of Aeri as when he MegaShifted to Aeri he MegaShifted his rifle elsewhere. Its current location is unknown. The Onyx Zodiac Rifle. 2d10 +10 (criticals are X2 and also can deal 50% damage to 2 nearby enemies dealing electric damage. Critical fails deal 50% damage to user and has a 50% chance to damage 1 nearby ally.) 3 shots in a clip and requires a DEX of 18 or higher to reload. [Option, can overcharge the weapon and uses all ammo in the clip and deals 2d20 X3 to all enemys. Criticals add +10 critical fails damage everyone. After usage it takes 2 days to cool down. After 3 usages it will destroy the weapon.]

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