Zorlan CrisisEdit

  • Accident leading to Flare`s powers
  • summoning of the first hero of legend into Dimension 6; Tye
  • Flare and his friends meet Doom, a dark mage
  • defeat of Tye, alliance created
  • defeat of Zorlan

GygazZemnas CrisisEdit

Aerion Year 1Edit

Fate Gem WarsEdit

  • return of GygazZemnas in weakened state, Zemnas
  • Ultimates lose power of Fate Gems
  • Zemnas and DarkShire compete with the Heroes of Legend for fate gems
  • resurrection of Shadias Aerius, who joins heroes of legend
  • death of Project
  • discovery of Spawn, who took form of the heroes of legend
  • DarkShire takes the last energy gems from the heroes of legend, fully resurrects GygazZemnas
  • end of spawn war, Spawn Queen still at large
  • GygazZemnas fuses with spawn queen
  • heroes of legend all reach perfect ascension and defeat UltimaGygazZemnas, also known as Armaged
  • defeat of Armaged was achieved through a combined attack channeled through Andrew Aerius
  • residual energy from fused attack mixed with the power of fate gems corrupts Andrew
  • Tye and Shadias defeat Andrew and ends Fate Gem Wars, Andrew returns to state of sanity

The Bent RealityEdit

  • Zorlan meets and forcefully fuses with Doom, creating Dezro
  • while the heroes of legend take part in the Fate Gem Wars, Flare and friends take on Dezro
  • Dezro murders hundreds, including two of Flare's close friends, eventually leading Flare to go into Dark Hyper Ascension with no control
  • Dark Hyper Flare kills Dezro, splitting them back into Zorlan and Doom
  • death of Doom
  • defeat of Dark Hyper Flare
  • Flare learns he is really the first Ultrix, and reaches his perfect ascension: Spark of Hope
  • Charge, one of Flare's friends, achieves an upgraded Hyper Ascension
  • final showdown with Zorlan
  • Zorlan defeated and almost killed by Spark of Hope, who spares him, claiming he isnt his dark half.
  • Zorlan finally gives up and rejoins the Ultimates
  • entire situation was caused by a reality bender, Salor, which Flare and Charge managed to defeat in Perfect Ascension and Hyper Ascension respectively

Year 11Edit

  • DROX controlling dimension 6

DROX CrisisEdit

  • Tye and Flare meet up in DROX prison
  • Andrew and Shadias have established society and order in the New Dimension
  • Aerion founded
  • Tye leads DROX resistance
  • Tye and Flare with the rest of the resistance liberate the DROX, giving them sentience
  • Tye finally loses all corruption in his heart after defeating the DROX Overlord, gains Light powers rather than Dark
  • DROX Overlord shapeshifts and is revealed to have been DarkShire the entire time, proving he survived Armaged's rampage
  • Charge is new leader of DROX, keeps them free and gives them access to Aerion

Year 12Edit

  • Andrew appointed King of Aerion
  • Shadias becomes Prince
  • Tye is a very powerful Lord and leader of the universe's military

Year 21Edit

The X Game EventEdit

  • Aerion invaded by its opposite dimension Noirea, something the Ultimates state is not at all possible
  • time is frozen suddenly
  • Noirea's king, Andrew, Tye, Flare, Shadias, Antonio, and other fighters from various dimensions awaken in a dark universe
  • a massive orange glowing eye named Dimenton appears and explains to them all that it is playing an interdimensional game
  • it is a competition to the death
  • death of Firefly by Shadias' chaotic blast
  • death of Legacy by Shadias' chaotic blast
  • death of Toxeira by Flare's electro-pulse
  • death of Eon by Zorlan's hands
  • death of Mirage by trying to escape the game
  • death of Zorlan by Tye's dark impulse
  • death of Tye by Andrew's wristblades
  • death of Flare by Shadias' wristblades
  • death of Antonio by suicide
  • death of Shadias by suicide
  • death of Andrew by going inside Dimenton
  • death of Dimenton by Andrew releasing his rage inside of him

The Afterlife EventEdit

  • The Ultimates and heroes of legend awaken in a grey desolate place known as the Oblivion Void
  • DarkShire appears and reveals that he was in fact Dimenton
  • Andrew and Tye state that they figured this was the case and challenge him to a battle to the death
  • DarkShire points out they are all dead already, and that they get one more chance, an afterlife
  • the heroes of legend, the ultimates, and DarkShire, all fade away
  • they appear back in the heroes of legend's home dimension, Dimension 3, on the planet Earth
  • DarkShire escapes them yet again and they are left to gain enough power to take him down once and for all
  • Extro, a traitor to the Ultimates from several millenia ago, appears before Firefly
  • death of Extro by Firefly
  • the heroes discover that DarkShire is altering the timestream, slowly going back through time
  • every enemy they have faced in the past is returning, and they are all enraged.
  • the enemies of the past team up and fight the ultimates and heroes of legend
  • the ultimates are killed when Armaged and Salor render their powers useless
  • the enemies of the past are eventually defeated, ending with Dezro explaining why DarkShire is doing this
  • it is revealed that DarkShire wants to prevent the entire omniverse and the timestream from ever beginning, effectively destroying all of existence itself, past present and future of any possible outcome, world, dimension, etc
  • Flare absorbs the energy of the enemies they defeated and uses their power to follow DarkShire into the timestream using a very powerful MegaShift
  • the heroes of legend face off with DarkShire for the final time
  • DarkShire erases everyone but himself, Tye, Shadias, and Andrew from history
  • Shadias, however, reverts to not having his own body and goes back into Andrew's
  • Tye and Andrew fight DarkShire but to no avail as he has the power of the omniverse on his side
  • DarkShire kills Tye violently
  • Andrew is filled with immense rage and sorrow, causing him to lose all control and go immediately into perfect ascension
  • Andrew absorbs the power of every dimension he's been in and DarkShire does the same
  • they focus all of their hate into complete pure raw energy and attack eachother at the same time, causing them to fuse together
  • they are now an all powerful being, and are closely reaching the beginning of the timestream
  • all the excess negative energy radiated out of the two of them before the fusion collapsed into itself, giving Shadias a new very powerful body
  • Shadias aligns himself up perfectly with all the energy he can muster at the very edge of the timestream, his existence being pulled into the back, making him fade. He forces through it though
  • the horrific fusion of King Aerius and DarkShire reaches the edge of existence itself and Shadias uses all his energy to attack it
  • Shadias fuses with the fusion right when it hits the edge of existence, causing a massive explosion and resetting time

Recreated OmniverseEdit

  • Several Centillion Year Pass
  • the heroes of legend, the ultimates, and a very small and weak DarkShire arrive back in the year 31

Year 31: Crisis OverEdit

  • Everyone in the entire dimension of Aerion realizes that by some freak accident, theyve all been saved, and the omniverse is safe
  • they also all realize that DarkShire is the cause of all threats to existence
  • EVERYONE attacks DarkShire at once with all their force, including gods and ultimates and such, which results in DarkShire being finally killed

Year 41Edit

  • the omniverse is safe, although of course there is still conflict, albeit much much less serious than the Great Crisis.
  • Dungeons and Dragons campaign takes place here
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