Torrick Steelskin


Torrick Ediras Steelskin


Cyborg Shirespawn


True Good


Knight Warrior


Back-handed sword, Revolver and a Shield



Well... that definitely didn't make me want to kill myself.
— Torrick


Born and raised in Fiiala, he grew up on the streets not knowing who his parents were. He always wished to some day become one of the Knights of Aerion. So, he trained. and trained he did, all the while looking up to his very hero, Sir Clayton. He was considered to be a fool for believing that he could be part of such an exclusive order. A group of racists would harass Torrick, telling him that the Knights of Aerion would never want a Shirespawn to be part of their prestigious order. As time passed, he started to believe that they were right and that he was just wasting his time. Torrick gave up on his dream of being a Knight of Aerion and he locked his old gear away. Three weeks later, anti-shirespawn group activity increased to a point where they started to become violent. Torrick did nothing about it, thinking that the guards would take care of them before things got serious. Then it went downhill, there was a huge riot the guards couldn't handle them and a riot was in full force, destroying and killing anyone that was in their way. Then, he heard screams coming from his neighbor's house. He looked in to see that the rioters were trying to break in to kill his neighbour, Bledra for being a shirespawn. Realizing that no one could help him he found the chest that had his old equipment and smashed it open. He quickly grabbed his old sword and revolver and charged out of his house and shot at a few of the rioters. Three of them fell dead and a few ran, the rest charged at him for killing their friends. After a bloody battle, Torrick walked out as the victor. The guards were finally able to control the riot and Torrick found a new purpose. He works with the guards to ensure another riot of that magnitude would never happen again. He was taking care of a group suspected of inciting violence, when Drahcir bumped into him. The rest is yet to be told. also he's 25.


Detirmined and steadfast, Torrick works toward his goal until it is completed to the best of his ability. Torrick prefers to keep things calm and under control, however when shit hits the fan, he has no hesitations when it comes to dealing with the problem. Is very protective of people he cares for and will kill those who dare try to harm them. (take the hint Deep Fryer)

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