Sketch of Ultrix


Roughly 6 1/2 feet


100-140 years old

Notable Members

the Ultimate Extro when he was demoted, Spark of Hope Flare

Unique Attributes

Easy communication with the Ultimates

Available Formes

Ascended, Hyper Ascended, Perfect Ascension

Ultrix are genetically human but have residual DNA and blood of the seven Ultimates. They would more or less blend into human society, if it werent for the fact that their skin usually has a tint of whatever Ultimate they share genes with. Most races are jealous of the Ultrix due to the fact the Ultimates instinctively favour them. Their Ultimate blood doesnt mix well with their bodies however and due to this they are NOT immortal, and tend to actually have rather weak immune systems. Ultrix are capable of telepathically communicating with their Ultimate relative, but Ultimates have to start the conversation. Due to this, only Ultrix of Legacy's and Mirage's blood ever form actual relationships with their Ultimate relative. They generally obey the king, but their main system of government is doing whatever the hell their Ultimate relative tells them to.

Base StatsEdit

WISDOM: 14   


The Ultimates are an almost god-like race that once flourished and ruled over the omniverse. Over time and after the great Crisis, only seven remained. Ultimates cannot mate and therefore their race is technically considered extinct, or so they would have everyone believe. The Ultrix were the result of the seven living Ultimates dying by DarkShire's hand, which was impossible since only an Ultimate may kill another ultimate. This made Ultimate DNA attach to certain cells, which eventually formed into humans with very weakened Ultimate abilities. After the great crisis ended and all who died were "reset", Legacy coined the term "Ultrix" as the new species that resulted.


Ultrix are born seemingly at a rare chance from a human or shirespawn. This is because Ultimate DNA fuses into the DNA from the parents and manifests as an Ultrix. In addition to this, they can also reproduce with each other, which increases the chance of an Ultrix child, but it is not always the case.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Speak to Ultimate- Passive. can speak to their respective ultimate, which can prove very, very useful
  • Ultimate’s Blessing- can make any attack double the power, once a day
  • Flight- Passive. can fly
  • Knows English and Ultimatian, can learn Binary, Spawnish, or Shiric.

Ultimate RelativeEdit

In addition to the race's unique abilities, each Ultrix has the DNA of only one Ultimate. Their special ability is as follows:

Firefly: Chaotic Good. -2 on all rolls for reaching Ascended forme. +1 bonus in basic attack rolls. Skin tone becomes a darkish grey .

Toxeira: Neutral Good. Can use a turn to generate poisons or potions without materials, once per battle. +1 all attacks with Toxin element. Skin tone becomes a faded cyan.

Legacy: Lawful Good. +1 bonus to all fire attacks. Can make any attack fire-based. Skin tone becomes a faded red.

Mirage: Neutral. +3 bonus to all rolls involving stealth. Transformations last twice as long as normal. Skin tone becomes a lightish grey.

Zorlan: Lawful Evil. -2 on all rolls for reaching Dark Ascended forme. -1 on enemy attack rolls. Skin tone becomes a faded green.

Eon: Neutral. +1 in elemental spells. Can use a turn to create a status-inflicting trap without materials, once per battle. Skin tone becomes a faded orange.

Extro: Chaotic Evil. Can fade into another dimension. This has many uses. Skin tone becomes a white.


  • +2 Diplomacy, Knowledge-Ultimates, Knowledge-Worlds
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