Wintershine is a large city situated near Aerion Castle. Governed by Lord Antonio, this technologically advanced city is one of the major attractions for tourists across the universe because of it's grandeur in the wintery cold of the higher altitudes. Wintershine is majorly populated by Humans, Shirespawn, and Ultrix; however a DROX most certaintly isn't out of place. Other races like Artificials and Half-Spawn are a rare sight, but not entirely unheard of. This city's major source of income is its Hypermetal and Diamond mines, which are shipped around the world. In recent years, Wintershine suffered from a slight depression after the fall of the leading miner's company, owned by The Eladnehsa Family. The fall was caused by the death of the entire family, save for two: Drachir and Skawrf. Drachir was in fact the one who went on this killing spree, and managed to destroy a good portion of the city while attempting to kill Skawrf. The two were finally chased away from the city by angry townsfolk and they have not been seen, or welcome, ever since. Despite the recent set backs, new companies have began taking over and the city is back on its feet.

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